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Welcome to the world of TORS Vodka. Smooth, versatile vodka crafted in the heart of Devon, England.

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Delicious served neat, over ice or as part of your favourite cocktail. Discover the new taste sensation of TORS Vodka.

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Whether you’re entertaining and in need of a few bottles to add a touch of class, or your business is entertaining and in need of a new ‘face’ behind the bar; TORS English Vodka is available to buy now for both consumer and wholesale customers.

Welcome to TORS Vodka.

English vodka lovingly crafted in the heart of Devon.

TORS is crafted in micro batches in the foothills of the Dartmoor National Park. Just like the granite hill tops that it’s named after, our Vodka stands alone in its field. With Dartmoor’s flowing streams providing an endless supply of fresh water, a soft winter wheat is blended to create a Vodka like no other. Great care, and time, is then taken to polish our spirit, creating a wonderful, smooth tasting Vodka.

Mix It.

Whether you prefer your TORS Vodka straight up, on the rocks or shaken with raspberries, our incredibly versatile English Vodka is suited to most tastes. Click ‘explore’ below to discover a few of our favourite recipes, and if you have any preferred mixes then please let us know!


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