Tors Vodka

Our Story

Lots of people have asked us how and why we decided to start our company. Here is our story.

The idea and ambition for TORS was born whilst watching one of my favourite TV shows about how to make a certain type of outback American whisky. I loved their initiative, the process and their excitement and had the sudden thought that I could do the same. I’ve always had a love for fine spirits and a passion for the industry and while the time scales around whisky production was something that I didn’t have an appetite for, my love for vodka shined through.

The name…

After deciding that Vodka was the way forward, I wracked my brain for weeks trying to come up with a name. While walking my dog up on the Moor, a stone’s throw away from Okehampton, I looked up and saw one of the most impressive sights that can often be taken for granted when you live in the area – the Dartmoor Tors. TORS Vodka was born.

I knew I couldn’t achieve the quality of product I wanted let alone the mammoth task of setting up the manufacturing facility required, so I had to get someone else on board. There was only man for the job. My best friend from school and an all-round top bloke got the call and was immediately in.

We set out from the start with the drive and passion and amongst all else, the aim to create a product we could be proud of. I have to say, rather one sided of course, we’ve done it.

There was also the task of market research and sampling different vodkas to establish the taste we wanted and the smoothness. It was a tough task but someone had to do it.

As mentioned, our sole aim is to produce a quality of product and brand that will stand the test of time. This will be a goal that drives us going forward, hopefully, for many years and many new product lines to come.