Tors Vodka

Discovering Artisan Craft Vodka from Devon

TORS Distillery is not just a business but a passion for the owners Edward and Jonathan. Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of South West England, in Okehampton Devon, it is home to a burgeoning craft Vodka… TORS Vodka! Crafted with precision, passion, and a touch of Devonian magic, TORS Vodka and Vodka Liqueurs are becoming a favourite not just with locals but nationwide.


The Process

The TORS Vodka range embodies the essence of its origin, using pristine spring water and ingredients to create our vodka, the process is primarily by 4 stage plate distillation and then by filtering in charcoal for up to 3 months – the result is a smooth, clean spirit with a distinct personality, offering a refreshing departure from mass-produced alternatives.


Experimenting with Ingredients

We have enjoyed experimenting with seasonal flavours, infusing our vodkas with fruits and ingredients such as coffee and caramel to create our luxury liqueurs. We are excited to reveal we have some new exciting flavoured vodkas coming which will use botanicals and other ingredients that will be distilled in-house to further expand the TORS range.


Sustainability and Ethical Practices

Where sustainability is paramount, we are committed to eco-friendly practices, from using renewable energy sources to implementing zero-waste production techniques. Our refill pouches offer a practical and eco-friendly option for consumers looking to replenish their favourite vodka and liqueurs. A glass bottle produces 1.437 kgCO2/ekg to manufacture, whereas a refill pouch produces just 0.043 kgCO2/ekg, which is an incredible 97% less CO2 per pouch. This dedication to sustainability not only helps preserve the natural beauty of Devon but also appeals to environmentally conscious consumers who value ethically produced spirits.


Where to Experience Devon’s Craft Vodka

Visit to indulge in our smooth tasting vodka and delicious vodka liqueurs. You can also find us out and about at local trade shows, food festivals and events. Keep an eye on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn for our latest news and offers or sign-up to our newsletter which can be found on the bottom of

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