Trade Table

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Products Price Quantity Variations Action
[Trade] Mix of 12 bottles
  • Extra bottle
  • Money off
  • Cash points
  • Case of Glassware
[Trade] Mix of 18 bottles
Free: Case of wine
[Trade] Mix of 24 bottles
Free: TORS Bottle
[Trade] TORS Vodka 70cl
This is it. Our delicious, smooth English Vodka. Just like the granite hill tops that it’s named after, TORS Vodka stands alone in its field. Pure Dartmoor spring water is blended with our British soft winter wheat spirit to create a Vodka like no other. Great care is taken to polish our spirit; a process which takes up to three months, to create our wonderfully smooth tasting Vodka. 70cl 40% ABV
[Trade] Raspberry Liqueur
Real fruit liqueur, sweet and flavoursome. A firm favourite, our Raspberry Liqueur is a feast for the senses. Juicy raspberries are steeped in our award winning Vodka for up to one month to ensure a beautifully rich and full flavour. Nothing beats the taste of high quality, natural, ingredients, which is why we will only ever use real fruits in our Liqueurs. Great care and attention is then taken to finalise each blend by gradually adding sugar syrup to lift the raspberry flavours, whilst not burying the tartness of the fruit juice. This ensures versatility of our enchanting Liqueur, which can be enjoyed on the rocks, or to create a plethora of delicious cocktails.
[Trade] Elderflower Liqueur
Real fruit liqueur, sweet and flavoursome. Created by infusing luscious Elderflower syrup with our award winning Vodka, our Elderflower Cocktail Liqueur perfectly encapsulates the essence of summer. Delicate enough to be drunk on the rocks, and complex enough to become a key ingredient in unbeatable cocktails.
[Trade] Blueberry Liqueur
Real fruit liqueur, sweet and flavoursome. Bursting with real fruit, our Blueberry cocktail Liqueur offers a unique flavour profile. These delicious berries are steeped in our Vodka for up to one month before being hand pressed through our traditional cider press. Finally, swirls of sugar syrup and a dash of Dartmoor Spring water are added to naturally enhance the berry flavours throughout this delicious Liqueur.